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How can I create a new Mailing List?
Last Updated 5 years ago

If you have a valid M-ITI account you can go to , login with your M-ITI credentials (usually name.surname without  in the pop-up and populate the form.
Assuming that you want to create the mailing list and your email address is, you should populate the form as follows:

Name of list: my-important-list
Initial list owner address:
Auto-generate initial list password? YES (or NO if you want to insert a password yourself. Remember that this password must be different than the m-iti one and it's meant to be shared among all the administrators of the mailing list.)
List creator's (authentication) password:

Leave all the other field unchanged and then click the "Create List" button. Now your list as been created, you can access the admin page of the list using the password that as been emailed to you.

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