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Windows - Canon C2220 printer install instructions
Last Updated 5 years ago

Driver for Canon IR 2220i (up to Win10): Canon 2220
Alternative link: Alternative.

Expand the file.
Choose the correct architecture for your operative system: 32 bit or 64 bit (64x).
You should be able to confirm your Windows architecture pressing Windows + Pause/Break Key combination.
Under System, System Type you should see if your system is 32 bit or 64 bit.
Open the folder and follow the instructions below:

Execute Setup.exe

Click Yes

Choose Standard.
Optionally select "Reactivate Printers in the Sleep Mode and Search", in case the e printer isn't found on your first attempt.

Click Next.
Do not choose this option.

Choose iR-ADV C2220.
If the printer doesn't show up, go back to the option to Reactivate printers in Sleep Mode. Also confirm you're in MITI's network, either Wi-Fi or cabled network.

Click Start.

Click Exit.
It's recommended to restart the computer before proceeding with the configuration.

Go to your Devices and Printers control panel.


Find the new printer iR-ADV C2220.
Right click on it, and choose Printing Preferences.

In Basic Settings, Change the Output Method to Secured Print.
This message will show up.
Click Yes.

Enter your Print ID user and PIN/Password.

In Basic Settings, Profile, Click the Add(1) button, to add a preset with your credentials saved.

Name it something meaningful, like Canon MITI.
Click Ok.

Click Ok to save the new preferences.

Now you can print something.
Go to the printer, login with your Print ID.
Select Secure Printing.
Your print job should appear. You should be able to print it.
If not, you might have skipped a step. Redo from the Printing Preferences procedure.

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